Sagar Rolling Shutters works has a strong infrastructure, we maintain high quality products which gives you maximum safety and privacy. The machines operational in our factory are of the latest technology and are cost effective, thereby enabling us to offer our products at competitive prices to our clients. Our high production capacity facilitates smooth flow or our products in the market, thereby ensuring no shortage of supply. Sufficient maintenance teams are available for repair and service.


Production Area : 7000 sq. fit
Official Work Space : 1000 sq. fit
Welding Machine : 6 Nos.
Drilling Machine : 4 Nos.
Branch Grinder : 2 Nos.
Hand Drilling Machine : 3 Nos.
Hand Grinder : 4 Nos.
Power Press : 2 Nos.
Bending Press : 1 Nos.
Shearing Machine : 2 Nos.
Wire Man : 1 Nos.
Shutter Strip Machine : 2 Nos.
All Tupe of Hand tools : 3 Nos.
All Tupe of Banding dyes : 3 Nos.